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Who Are We?
- We are you. Who likes to enjoy nature, puts their feet on the ground, aren't afraid of mosquitoes or small scratches, wants to feel the wind on their face. We are survivors, we are the one who can survive the zombie apocalypse. Ok, maybe its too much but being ready is better than being sorry. Did you know that you can survive in the wilderness just with a knife and a steel cup?
Now, improve your skills and your body... Get away from this concrete jungle. Teach your kids what a real world looks like. Don't let them get addicted to the electronics because it will be your fault.
Start fishing, hiking, climbing, camping, primitive surviving, paintball whatever you wanna call it. See more trees than you see buildings, discover the birds and plants in your area you've never seen, learn that "counting stars" is more than a name of a song. Enjoy the nature before they put the trees in a museum.
Now, if you read this all the way till here;
use the code " ilovemykids " at your check out so you will receive the highest discount we've offered.